Fighting for the Future of SeaTac

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As a mother of young children and a small business owner, I want our city’s representatives to be invested in the success of our community. Too many of our families are only one missed paycheck or rent increase away from a crisis. We need to support the people that make our city and region run – bus drivers, grocery clerks, restaurant cooks – and ensure they can afford to live near where they work.

We need to encourage an environment where small businesses can not only survive, but thrive. And we need to be providing access to resources for our neighbors who are struggling. I am committed to fighting for working families.


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Let’s actually support the people who make our city run - those who drive the buses, work in the grocery stores. If we don’t preserve the opportunity for our residents to live where they work, then it stifles our capacity to live in a vibrant community. People should not have to commute from Tacoma just to work a minimum wage job!


Affordability & Livability

Affordability: SeaTac is becoming unaffordable for many working families. We need to be bold enough to develop policies that will keep SeaTac affordable to working class and low-income people.

Livability: We need to plan for a livable city, livable neighborhoods, Safe Streets, sustainability and a good quality of life.

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Equitable Development, Opportunity &Educational Success

Equitable Economic Development:  We need to support, retain, and expand small businesses. We need an equitable economic development plan that benefits our community, not just hotels and big businesses around the airport.

Social Safety Net:  As our region becomes increasingly expensive the gap between those who are riding the crest of success and those being left behind is growing.  

Educational Success: A quality public education is a fundamental building block of success in our country and city.  

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Representation & Community Voice

SeaTac is the embodiment of the American Dream. A community where immigrants from around the globe live side by side in pursuit of opportunity for their families.

We need to make sure that diversity, inclusion and community representation are a fundamental part of our public policy decision making process.

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